WebCT Open-Source Tools and Utilities

Welcome to the WebCT Open-Source Tools and Utilities project.

Under new management -- Leigh Hausman of Texas A&M has taken over the project management.

Mark Wilcox is still with WebCT but has decided to turn the reigns over to Leigh.

The most active portion of this site is the webct-admin mailing list: Administrators may also be interested in:

You may also want to check out the answers on Ask Dr. C. If you know of other community resources, please e-mail Leigh to have them added to the list.


There are two goals for this project:

  1. Provide a clearinghouse for tools, utilities and documentation that make WebCT administration easier or more efficient. We particularly like tools that allow the computer to do most of the work for us or allow us to hand off difficult tasks to junior staff. These tools/documentation will be avialable for download from either SourceForge or their homesite. Hosted tools can use our CVS server on SourceForge and Bugzilla for tracking bugs.
  2. Provide a mechanism to discuss WebCT administration, seperate from the WebCT users list. WebCT administration is not about how to create a course homepage or quiz. It's about "How can I make it easier for my instructors to create their course homepages" or "How can I tune my system to get maximum quiz performance". These discussions often get lost in the WebCT users list so we need a seperate place to discuss these topics.

For this project to succeed it requires participation! It takes all kinds so give what you can or wish to give. If you simply want to take part in our discussions, just use our mailing list. If you just want the the tools, download them. If you'd like to contribute a tool or documentation, see the instructions below. If you have a URL, email Leigh.

To contribute a tool or volunteer to help out on the site:

  1. Setup your own SourceForge account (it's free!)
  2. Email Leigh your SourceForge developer id
  3. Leigh will give you the instructions you need

Note all projects hosted on this project must conform to the GNU Lesser Public License, but all copyrights will be retained by the original author(s).

Any questions can be directed to this project's administrator, Leigh Hausman

This project is not endorsed by WebCT Inc, any of its subsidiaries nor any of the organizations who have posted code here. As with any software, you'll use the software found on this site at your own risk. Most of it works where the original author implemented it, but beyond that it's anyone guess as to whether it will work for you. So be careful out there :)

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